Comprehensive Security Solution

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers provide seamless entry and exit control, enhancing security for diverse environments. With sturdy construction and advanced automation, Boom Barriers are designed for reliability and durability. The user-friendly interface allows for easy integration into existing systems, providing customizable access options. Whether safeguarding parking lots, industrial facilities, or residential complexes, our Boom Barriers prioritize efficiency and safety. Prolink’s commitment to provide cutting-edge technology ensures a reliable solution for controlled vehicle access, offering peace of mind for businesses and organizations seeking top-tier access management.


Bollards redefine physical security, offering robust solutions for controlled access and perimeter protection. Engineered with durability and resilience, bollards provide effective defense against vehicle intrusion, ensuring the safety of critical spaces. With customizable designs and advanced materials Bollards seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, from commercial complexes to government facilities. These security barriers are designed for reliability and low maintenance, providing an effective deterrent against unauthorized vehicle access

Baggage Scanners

Baggage Scanners epitomize cutting-edge security solutions, delivering advanced screening technology for efficient and thorough inspection of luggage. Scanners employ state-of-the-art imaging and detection capabilities, ensuring accurate identification of potential threats while facilitating smooth throughput at security checkpoints. With user-friendly interfaces and compliance with international safety standards, Baggag eScanners provide a reliable and streamlined solution for transportation hubs, government facilities, and high-security environments. Offering a combination of speed, precision, and non-intrusive scanning, our scanners enhance overall security protocols, contributing to a safer and more secure public infrastructure.

Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion Alarm System stands at the forefront of security, offering comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. Our state-of-the-art system utilizes advanced sensors, detectors, and smart technology to detect and alert against intrusions promptly. Customizable to diverse environment , Intrusion Alarm System ensures a tailored security solution for homes, businesses, and critical infrastructures. With real-time monitoring and remote accessibility, it provides peace of mind and quick response capabilities.

Prolink’s commitment to provide innovation and reliability makes Intrusion Alarm System an integral part of an effective security strategy, safeguarding premises and assets with cutting-edge intrusion detection technology.