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The EXIGO Public Address (PA) System delivers all the benefits of a networked audio solution into one package for marine vessels and oil & gas installations.

IP-based PA system with networked components

PA and GA, certified for marine environments

PA and VA, certified for EN54 applications

Supports Vingtor-Stentofon Integrated PA/GA and Intercom solution

Full monitoring of system components, access panels, and speaker loops

Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog

Power amplifiers, 100/70-volt line with Ethernet interface

Supports 250 PA zones

Supports 150 IP access panels

Fully programmable control inputs and outputs

Analoge audio inputs and outputs

AC and DC operation with automatic switch-over functionality

Integration with IPBX, foghorn and fire alarm

IP loudspeakers and Intercom

We offer an integrated communication system for a wide range of applications at various sites: Metros, airports, road payment points, highways and tunnels, harbours and ports, city surveillance systems, trains and subways.

In a comprehensive security system, our equipment provides the ability to monitor the situation and helps to provide immediate support in the event of incidents. In the event of an unforeseen event, witnesses can instantly contact the operator of the central dispatch service to report the situation or forward a message to the security services.

The use of the SIP protocol allows expanding and modernizing the existing communication system. Integration with third-party systems is made possible with  OPC and  SDK.

A wide range of our equipment offers a modern technical level of product and software quality. You only need to press a button for an instant call and receive operator support. Excellent speech clarity and high SPL enable communication without misunderstandings or misunderstandings. Our products realize the highest audio purity in any noisy environment with the Turbine series intercom stations with a 10W amplifier and active noise cancelling.